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The Montana Family


Not taking any members at this time....

Requirements and rules to be a Montana:
  1. Always follow orders from the GM (godmother) and other top ranking family, if you cannot handle this then you are not Montana material.
  2. Although it is not necessary, it is best if you recreate your sim to have the Montana last name, those who recreate to having the last name Montana will receive financial or title rewards down the road, depending upon their show of loyalty to the family.
  3. Do not recreate until you are given the approval from Lynsey.All recreates must be witnessed by Lynsey.We have sims available to hold your items/homes, etc. When remaking a high ranking member must be present to witness it.
  4. WE DO NOT TAKE NEWBS!! It is required a family member "sponsor" you to join us, although in some cases there are exceptions made. In other words if we dont' know then don't bother till we get to know you more!
  5. Absolutely DO NOT take any roomies into your home without the approval of Lynsey Montana.Doing so is an automatic kick from the Montana family.
  6. Do not use the Montana name outside of Dan's Grove unless otherwise told to do so.
  7. Do not scam using the Montana name unless told to do so
  8. Try to refrain from using foul language when "outsiders" are present.
  9. It is a requirement that you have Yahoo Messenger, this is free and can be downloaded at  
  10. You are required to attend any meetings the family has, if you cannot attend for real life reasons always let Lynsey know ahead of time.
  11. Treat all family members with respect.
  12. If you have more than one account you may be required to use your extra accounts for spying, trashing, fighting etc.
  13. No recruiting people on your own unless told to do so.
  14. No reporting to EA/Maxis unless told to do so.
  15. Any type of problem you have (either with another family member or an "outsider") should be brought to the attention immediately to a high ranking family member.  We handle things as a family, do not go off and do your own thing unless told to do so.
  16. Your "where am i" button should always be on so that we may see where you are at all times. Only turn this button off if told to do so.
  17. Do not take it upon yourself to spy or any other type of espinoge work without getting the approval from the GM. 
  18. Never socialize with the enemy.
  19. Must skill and max body as soon as possible when joining and buy an empty lot and join the hood if you do not already have a home.

If you cannot follow any of the above rules or requirements then do not bother to come to us. Anyone who disregards the family code will be either penalized or kicked from the family, depending upon the situation.